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BulletsParent birds of Kurolier NFG & FFG.
BulletsHatching eggs for above stocks.
BulletsLayers - Keystone Golden DOC
Lays tan coloured eggs, Hen house production on deep litter, especially suitable for harsh environmental conditions.
Egg Production 260+ eggs
Maturity body weight - 1.5 kg.

BulletsBranded Eggs
Wholesome & Fresh, Range Quality Cage free Tan Eggs
(An exclusive product of Keggfarms)
To cater to the needs of discerning quality conscious consumers, Keggfarms is producing table eggs of a premium quality. Marketed under the brand name KEGGS.

KEGGS, distinguished by their tan coloured shells. bright yellowish orange yolk and firm albumen, are produced by disease free, specially bred laying hens in the Company's hygienic farm facilities. The hens are housed in stress- free sanitary conditions on litter. They have access to plentiful sunshine and are fed a nutritionally rich and balanced diet of maize. rice derivatives, soya, sunflower, limestone, vitamins and other organic plant products together with ample greens. The feed contains no antibiotics, hormones, chemical stimulants or any other ingredient that may have a carryover effect on the consumer.

Freshness & Quality
KEGGS are delivered fresh from the farm to retail outlets and there is no deterioration in quality due to transit time or long storage. Break a KEGG ,it will have a bright yellow yolk and a two layered albumen which does not run. KEGGS compares very favourably with the highest quality table eggs available anywhere in the world.

The natural ingredients in the feed and the unique breed of laying hens. as also the freshness of KEGGS, all contribute to a distinctive flavour and taste not to be found in commodity type eggs.

Cage Free
KEGGS are produced in Cage free conditions. The layer birds are kept in deep litter housing with adequate room to run around, have ready access to feed and water, perches to roost upon and protection against diseases and excesses of both natural elements and predators.
BulletsIndian Country Chicken
Indian Country Chicken is gourmet quality chicken, being brought to you from Keggfarms, the producers of KEGGS eggs. Handsome, colourful and full bodied, these chickens have been genetically bred to deliver the most fulfilling gastronomical experience to discerning food connoisseurs like yourself. They are reared to achieve an optimum balance between flavour, bite and tenderness to provide a truly delightful experience.
Ample and firm meat evenly distributed over their chests, legs and other regions, differentiates them from the regular broilers. A pre-launch sampling exercise suggests that consumers find the Indian Country Chickens to be better tasting and juicier than broilers, by far.
Indian Country Chickens are not produced on an Industrial scale and they are not intended for the mass market. They are raised in limited numbers for discerning consumers only. That is the choice which we consciously make to ensure that we can deliver a chicken, which is matchless by any standards. For more details please visit

We also provide consultancy on poultry production and interventions relating to rural poultry.

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