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Bullets Keggfarms Pvt. Limited was invited by DFID funded 'Connect to Grow' Programme to showcase the KUROILER Model, at the SEEDS Symposium Africa, 2015, as an example of possible replication in Africa. We were happy to note the immense interest that the KUROILER has already generated in Kenya and look forward to successful partnerships in the days to come!!
Bullets The Kuroiler Project is making waves in Africa. In Uganda, the birds have performed four times better than the local birds. Naturally, the interest across stakeholders in Africa is significant.
Bullets KUROILER performs brilliantly in Africa!
Bullets The Keggfarms team visited Kenya and Tanzania in May 2016 to engage with partners there in order to spread the Kuroiler Mission in Africa. The team met with the Veterinary Departments in both the countries, Poultry Association Members, Potential farmers interested in raising Kuroilers and also some existing Kuroiler Farmers. It was very encouraging to see the difference that Kuroiler is already making in the lives of people. We hope to fortify this mission in Africa, in the days to come

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